Album 598: Seal - "Seal IV" 

Success of Seal IV by Seal

Above is a chart of the success of "Seal IV" by Seal. It was album 598 on this site and was in the charts from Sep 2003 to Nov 2004. Read this explantion of the way in which the success plot is generated, also you can download the data for the picture.

# Artist Album From To Peak Position Indic Revenue
us uk de fr ca au
598 Seal Seal IV Sep 2003 Nov 2004 3 4 2 5 - - 27908.789

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25 Mar 2020

Double Listing - Seal IV

I have sent several e-mails to the 'Seal' page without a response. I assumethey are going into your Spam Folder. On that page #1 & #8 are the same.

Should be fixed, thanks